Course curriculum

    1. Before we start with TikTok

    2. TikTok Introduction

    3. What is TikTok and Why Should you Care?

    4. How did TikTok grow so quickly?

    5. TikTok strategy

    6. AI-based platforms Growing pains

    1. Getting started with TikTok

    2. How to Use TikTok properly?

    3. How to create a video?

    4. What’s in the Home feed?

    5. How to search for specific accounts or videos?

    6. TikTok Direct Messages

    7. Your Profile

    8. What is a TikTok Duet and how does it work?

    9. TikTok Livestream

    10. Introduction to TikTok Virtual Items

    1. Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era

    2. Who is on TikTok?

    3. First, Define Your Why

    4. Why Your Business Should Be on TikTok?

    5. Brands That Will Inspire Your TikTok Strategy

    6. Analyzing Your Target Audience and Your Competition

    1. Creating Content for TikTok

    2. Creative Tips

    3. TikTok Content Creation

    4. TikTok formats and Tools

    5. User-Generated Content (UGC)

    6. Professional User-Generated Content (PUGC)

    7. TikTok Hashtags Strategies

    8. TikTok Hashtag Challenges

    1. Establishing a Professional Team and Improving Content Quality for TikTok

    2. Clear Positioning and Promoting Accurate Marketing

    3. Integrating Channels and Aggregating Audience

    4. Reimagining Your Brand Personality

    5. Who Will Represent Your Brand?

    6. Building Brand Awareness on TikTok

    7. Personalities Need Brand Content

    1. TikTok Marketing Strategies

    2. Personality-Driven Strategy on TikTok

    3. Performance-Driven Strategy

    4. User-Generated Content (UGC) - Driven Strategy

    5. Repackaged Content Strategy

    6. Message-Driven Strategy

    7. Cooperating with TikTok's Web Celebrity Strategy

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  • How big is targeted audience?

    Roughly 60% of TikTok are Generation Z. By the end of 2022, there will be about 100 million Generation Z in the United States alone, making Generation Z, one of the largest generations ever. Of course, the targeted audience is much larger than you ever can expect.

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