Course curriculum

Exactly What You're Getting:

    1. Introduction to Scrum for Startup Course

    2. 4 reasons to start Scrum Career

    3. How it all started for me?

    4. Why Scrum, Why Now, Why You...

    5. How to access Scrum Templates and Tools?

    1. Introduction to the three pillars of Empiricism

    2. Challenges and examples of Empiricism

    1. Introduction to Scrum Framework

    2. Scrum team

    3. The Product Owner

    4. The Differences Between Project Manager and Scrum Product Owner

    5. The Scrum Master

    6. Changes for the Scrum Masters concerning Scrum Guide 2020

    7. Developers in Scrum

    8. Stakeholders

    9. Do not dare to start as a Scrum Master without knowing these secrets!

    1. Scrum Timeboxing and Scrum Events Introduction

    2. The Sprint

    3. The Sprint Goal

    4. First Scrum event Sprint Planning Meeting

    5. Second Scrum event Daily Scrum

    6. Third Scrum event Sprint Review

    7. Fourth Scrum event Sprint Retrospective

    8. Product Backlog Refinement

    9. Introduction to Release Planning

    1. Introduction to the Themes, Epics, User Stories, and Tasks

    2. Themes

    3. Epics

    4. User stories

    5. User Story Mapping

    6. Tasks in Scrum

    1. Introduction to Scrum Artifacts

    2. Product Backlog

    3. Sprint Backlog

    4. Scrum Board with DEMO

    5. The Increment

    6. What is Burndown Chart in Scrum?

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  • 11 hours of video content

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This course is about a system which help you to work a lot faster in a lot shorter time, increase your working quality, be more efficient and make a lot less errors. All this will help your startup to get one step closer to your goal and becoming successful.

  • Become successful in delivering products that meet the demands and needs of fast moving market.

  • The Scrum for Startup Course puts every little detail into perspective

  • There's no faster way to get your Startup up and running without a Scrum approach.

  • Build valuable products and services to paying customers using Scrum Framework

  • Respond quickly and effectively to all forms of change

  • Deliver maximum value to your startup and customers.

  • Manage everything that matters in adaptive, customer-centric way

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Key takeaways

One you finish the course, you will got a sense of how you can implement Scrum for Startup into your workflow, as well as how it can help you.

  • How to Scrum helps to focus on doing what truly matters?

    This can reduce potential waste from WIP (work in progress) and undone work at the end of a Sprint. While Scrum doesn't tell you how to deliver, focus can lead a team to discover the best way to work to get things done sooner and minimize waste.

  • "Done" in entrepreneurship - self accountability checklist

    Does your team feel like they have a positive role in the organization? Are things that need to be done identified and resolved on the spot?

  • How the Scrum events help to switch accountabilities in a team?

    A deep dive into the purpose of each Scrum accountability. Internalizing the meaning behind Scrum's events, artifacts, and accountabilities allows the team to benefit from them most.

  • Practical ways the Scrum framework have helped entrepreneurs

    It's not just about the theory. I will guide you through a practical way to understand Scrum; a way to get people working effectively together.

  • Are there prerequisites for this Program?

    There are no prerequisites for Scrum for Startups Course. Everyone can join.

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Senior instructor Dejan Majkic

Dejan is MA in Computer Science and Information Technology. Certified Instructor, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Digital Entrepreneur. With more than 100000 students from all over the world, Dejan Majkic is one of the top European technology instructors. Teaches Agile practices, Scrum Framework, Product Management, YouTube, TikTok for business...

Scrum for Startup Course

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